Delight everyone we work with.  Whether it is our clients or a fellow team member. We want to delight everyone in each interaction.

Approach everything with humility. Humility is the opposite of self-centeredness.  It means being respectful and reverencing other’s ideas and feelings.  Looking for the values over the faults.

Engage in open communication. Candid and open communication is vital to our firm’s growth. We each are interdependent on that type of communication to succeed with our clients and each other.  

Work and live with integrity.  Integrity is doing the right thing and following sound business practices.  We are good corporate citizens and share our success with the community to make the world in which we work better than it was yesterday. 

Trust drives our interactions with each other and our clients.  We are trusted and prudent finance and IT advisers to our clients.  When we lead out with trust the mechanism of business flows more naturally with less barriers for better business outcomes.